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Staying Fit at Home

May 21, 2012

Woman Doing Yoga at HomeWhen you have young children at home, getting outdoors for a run or bike ride can be close to impossible. Luckily, home exercise can be both fun and effective with a home exercise machine. The trick to finding a home routine that works for you is knowing which exercise machine will best complement the daily exercise you love most.

Are you an avid runner? Try bringing home an elliptical machine or a treadmill. Either exercise machine will give you the great cardio workout you’ve come to love with new challenges and options. Most in-home treadmills allow you to pick your preferred level of incline, and elliptical machines have a number of built-in options that let you vary your workout each day.

Prefer bicycling? A stationary bike may be just what you need to work up a sweat, increase your endorphins, and stay fit at home. Daily exercise has never been easier – just hop on, pedal, and watch the pounds melt away!

Like to switch it up? A home gym exercise machine will provide a variety of workout options that will help you slim down and tone up. Build muscle through daily exercise with lat pulls, push-ups, leg curls, squats, and an abdominal bar.

Can’t afford large equipment? You can stay fit at home with  a yoga or Pilates video, work out with free weights, or do a series of lunges across your living room. Try online research or creative thinking, and you’ll be amazed how many benefits you can reap through simple daily exercise that use your own body weight to build muscle and cut fat.

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