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Stress Reduction Tips for Busy Families

April 3, 2013

Family Riding Bikes To Relieve StressWhen parents are stressed, kids are stressed. Studies have shown that parental stress can lead to stress, illness and even depression in their children. What’s a busy family to do? In this post, we’ll look at ways for families to work together to reduce stress and promote harmony.

Exercise Together
Exercise is a proven stress reducer. Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner, or put on some music and dance. On weekends, head to a park or hiking trail to get some fresh air and to take advantage of the stress-reducing Vitamin D in the sun’s rays.

Slow Down
An over-abundance of activities and obligations can stress out parents and kids alike. Instead of loading your calendar with activities and play dates, reserve some time to simply ‘be.’ This could be family time, play time or the all-important free-time for you and your family.

Take Turns
Most parents have a lot on their plates. Work out a schedule so that you regularly get time to yourself. Use this time to engage in a favorite activity, take a yoga class or simply soak in the tub.

Talk It Out
If you’re having trouble at work or with your finances, find a healthy way to communicate these troubles to your children. It can be educational and spur creativity for a child to understand the family circumstances. Children can sometimes solve problems that adults cannot. It can also be liberating for a parent to discuss issues freely.

Delegate Tasks
Take a look at the family chores to find ways for everyone to pitch in. You could create a chore wheel, or have the older kids help to prepare dinner. It can be a wonderful feeling to know that you have help. And, delegating tasks teaches kids responsibility. Everyone wins!

While balancing all of the curve balls life throws your way can be tough, it can also be reassuring to know that you’re all in it together. To be successful in reducing family stressors, always communicate, delegate and remember to have a little fun throughout the process.

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