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Summer Savings Ideas

June 20, 2012

Summer Savings Ideas

Wasting Money is Never in Season

Although summer is a time of freedom, fun and adventure, our pursuit of a “good time” can sometimes cause us to spend money in ways we normally wouldn’t consider logical – such as dishing out $10 for a few two-scoop ice cream cones when we can buy a few gallons of ice cream for less money at the grocery store.

This doesn’t mean never going out for ice cream, but rather spending smarter. Instead of a second trip to the local ice cream shop, make the shorter trek to your own freezer to dish out the frozen delights from your own scoop. And consider these other summer savings ideas, too!

•    Don’t overpay for gas. Even when gas prices creep higher, one doesn’t have to pay top dollar to fill the gas tank. A quick solution is visit, to easily search for and find the lowest fuel prices in your area.

•    Slow down. “Are we there yet?” “I want to sit by the window.” “I need to go to the bathroom.” “When are we going to stop to eat?” With words such as these ringing in mom and dad’s ears, it’s understandable that they want to reach their destination as quickly as possible on summer trips. Unfortunately, that can lead to a heavier foot on the gas pedal and in turn, more wasted dollars and maybe more speeding tickets. Be sure to stay near the speed limit. Driving at the recommended speed not only uses less gas, it also helps avoid speeding tickets that can cost hundreds of dollars in fines. If you get more than one or two tickets, you’ll also see a spike in your automobile insurance amount. Get caught enough times and you might even lose your license, which would really cut down on your summer fun.

•    Non-Olympic-sized bills. The 2012 Summer Olympics may inspire some viewers to run out to buy new sports equipment. If you get the urge to, take a moment to search for used equipment. If you’re really lucky, you may find a friend who will give it to you for free. The same goes for other items such as bikes, tennis rackets, and weights.

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