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Put Gratitude on the Menu This Thanksgiving Day

November 10, 2014

Children Ready to Eat Pumpkin PieThanksgiving will be celebrated on November 27 this year, and families and groups of friends will bond at dinner tables across the country. While a big turkey and a smorgasbord of trimmings are featured at most meals, it’s not what’s on the menu that’s important.

Giving thanks is the true heart of Thanksgiving, which is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It’s the theme that gives the holiday lasting meaning and resonance across generations.

So, as autumn winds down, let’s take time to be thankful for the big and little things in our lives.

Let’s also have some fun, with this Thanksgiving quiz:

  1. The first Thanksgiving meal was celebrated by the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Which common eating utensil was not used at their table?
    a) spoon, b) fork, or c) knife
  1. Which U.S. founding father wanted the turkey to be the national bird?
    a) John Adams, b) Thomas Jefferson, c) Benjamin Franklin, or d) George Washington
  1. Thanksgiving is an iconic American holiday. In what other country is it a national holiday?
    a) Canada, b) Ireland, c) Mexico, or d) France
  1. The world’s largest turkey farm produces about one million of the birds. In what country is it located?
    a) China, b) the United States, c) England, or d) Russia
  1. A male turkey is a tom and a female is a hen. What is a youngster called?
    a) chick, b) poult, c) hatchling, or d) squab



  1. b. The Pilgrims did not use forks. They ate with spoons, knives and their fingers.
  1. c. Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey superior to the bald eagle (our national bird). He found the bald eagle to be of “bad moral character” and described the turkey as a true native of America.
  1. a. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.
  1. c. According to Guinness World Records, the largest turkey farm is in North Pickenham, a village in England.
  1. b. The young of the turkey is called a poult.

How did you do? We hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving quiz – and that you and yours enjoy a holiday filled with love (and pumpkin pie).

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