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Tips for Saving Money on Gas

September 20, 2012

Father Pumping Gas at Gas StationIt’s Possible

Unfortunately for your family transportation budget, you can’t gradually wean your cars off of fuel or stretch your tanks of gas by watering the fuel down, much the same as a summer camp might stretch their powdered milk supply. Saving money on gas costs is possible, however, by some common sense measures and an initial investment toward the ultimate goal of decreasing fuel use.

Using Common Sense

Common sense methods to save money on gas begin with you and your driving habits. The “smoother” you drive, the less fuel your car uses. Mashing the gas pedal to the floor to only stand on the brakes at the traffic light one block away can increase your fuel consumption considerably. Try to drive as if you have an opened container of liquid in the back seat that you don’t want to spill and you’ll use less of that liquid you pump into the gas tank.

Keep your tires inflated at recommended levels to decrease road friction and remove unused cargo containers or ski racks on the car roof to decrease wind drag. Store your golf clubs in your garage and not in the trunk. Extra, unnecessary weight “stored” in your car uses extra fuel to lug around.

An Investment

You may have to spend a little money upfront to potentially save a great deal. According to the US Department of Energy, having your car tuned-up can potentially save an incredible 40 percent in fuel efficiency. Yes, we wince to think about the cost of a car tune-up, but doing so might effectively increase our gas mileage by almost half. For most who fill up their takes once a week, you’d begin to  save money on gas in only a month.



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