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Grow-Up® Plan – A Powerful Head Start: Introducing the Hare

May 12, 2015

cartoon hareThis is the second post in a three-part series chronicling an imaginary rematch of sorts between two fabled opponents: the Tortoise and the Hare. In Part 1, we met Timmy “Too Fast” Tortoise. Today, we meet the tortoise’s challenger, Henry “Hasty” Hare.

Since taking an ill-timed nap during their first famous showdown, the Hare has been training for a hoped-for rematch with the Tortoise. He has been hopping over logs in the forest, eating clean, and napping only when he’s not in the middle of a race.

Now that he has overheard that the Tortoise is out to purchase life insurance to better protect his turtle family, the Hare decides that he has finally found an opportunity for redemption.

He knows that he can get a quote for the cost of an insurance policy for his family faster and better than the Tortoise can. The Hare believes that by doing so, he can finally change the sense of embarrassment that has followed him ever since his fateful snooze in the woods. When people talk about the greatest spring  race stories of all time, he wants them to talk about his springtime comeback.

Meet the Hare:

Name: Henry “Hasty” Hare

Hometown: Lancaster, New Hampshire

Weight: 4 pounds

Top speed: 45 mph

Characteristics: Makes rash decisions, neglects to consider all the options, strong hind legs, known to fall asleep at inopportune times

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