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Low-cost Ways to Transform a Child’s Room into a Teenager’s Room

August 20, 2015

Teenager’s bedroomIf your child has his or her own bedroom, he or she eventually will outgrow its décor and style and ask for a change. Perhaps your son now wants to give away the fire trucks proudly displayed all around his room, or perhaps your daughter — who was once mesmerized by astronomy — now wants to trade her glow-in-the-dark wall decals for a Taylor Swift poster.

When that time comes, and with a little imagination and creativity, you’ll find some relatively easy and inexpensive ways to transform your child’s room into a room fit for a teen.

Here are some teenage bedroom ideas that can make both you and your child happy:

Discuss ideas with your child, rather than surprise. Although it can be tempting to surprise your teen with a bedroom makeover, it’s best to avoid this route since it can be difficult to predict what your son or daughter might want the room to look like or to have in it. So, before you start picking out colors or new rugs, be sure that you and your child agree on how to change the room.

Change the color of the walls. The light blue, pink, violet or other pastel shade was perfect for a toddler’s bedroom, but now your child may be angling for a look that feels more “grown-up.” An easy and relatively inexpensive way to create a room that feels new is to paint three walls a neutral color and the fourth wall an accent color in a bold tone of your child’s choosing. Your child will probably enjoy selecting the colors and feeling that the room matches his or her personality.

Let your child personalize the room in other ways, too. Your teen will likely have many suggestions about what to put in his or her “new” room. Although you might not agree to them all, you should incorporate some. For example, you could create places or spaces that allow your teenager to change their contents at will, such as a bulletin board for pictures or a chalkboard for writing or drawing. In addition, let your daughter or son arrange the furniture and select a few small, decorative items to give the room a  personal flair.

Create a multi-functional space. Most likely, your child will use his or her “new” room to do more projects for school. Buy, find or repaint a small desk for your teen to use while studying. To accommodate visiting friends, make or buy a few beanbag “chairs,” grouped to create a small hang-out area.

These kinds of small changes don’t need to be expensive, yet they will change the room’s dynamic from a toddler’s room to a teenager’s room for your child.

For more teenage bedroom ideas, check out our Gerber Life blog on how to organize the bedrooms in your home.

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