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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts from the Family

May 1, 2012

Mother’s Day on a BudgetBefore you read the rest of this article, know that it may change your life forever. If you give mom the gift described below, she may never stop hugging you. Imagine how difficult that would make going to work or how hard it would be to attend school with mom sitting right by your side all day long. Still, if Mother’s Day is about making mom feel special, this gift is sure to please. And best of all, you’ll only need two things: a video recorder and your family.

As you may have already figured out, you’re going to make a video for the special mom in your life. What kind of video? Well, that’s really up to you, but we’ve got some great ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Memory Lane – In this video, each family member shares a special memory about mom. Maybe it’s about the time she took you out of school early to get ice cream. Or when she surprised you with a Disney vacation. Perhaps it’s even about when she told that embarrassing story in front of all your friends. No matter the story, getting it on video will let mom know she plays a memorable role in your life.
  2. I love you because – This video is really easy. Every family member simply tells mom why they love her. At the end of the video, everyone yells “We love you, Mom!”
  3. I’ve “scene” the way you act – A really fun idea is to act out a scene from your family history. Maybe it’s about the time mom cried so loudly in the movie theater or laughed so hard she fell on the ground. If your mom has a special phrase that she’s known for, have everyone say it in their best “mom” voice. For example, if she always seems to ask for help with the computer, get in front of the computer and deliver your best mom impression.

Once you have your videos recorded, put them on a DVD and watch it together as a family on Mother’s Day. And when mom can’t stop telling you how special she feels, tell her she gets to be part of the action once Father’s Day rolls around.

NOTE: If you’re a mom reading this article, you may want to print this out and place it somewhere your loved ones are sure to see it…maybe near the TV remote or the refrigerator (but not the laundry room or dishwasher).


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