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Using Affordable, Natural Products to Help the Environment

June 14, 2012

Man and Child with Bundle of InsulationThose committed to green living search for natural products, but sometimes don’t realize these materials can save money, too. Fortunately, you can commit to living in an environmentally friendly universe and keep your monthly budget under control.

Natural Products and Safety  

Most natural products, along with contributing to sustainable living, are also very safe for all living things. Certainly, the safety of our fragile environment is critical to our continued survival as a species.

However, safety for ourselves, our families, our pets, and all living things is just as important. Imagine if natural products were environmentally friendly, but toxic to humans? Our environmental awareness quotient would drop dramatically.

Happily, natural products are typically safer for us than many, if not most, synthetic items. Products made of wood, cotton, wool, glass, or metal, regardless of their purpose, are safer than most plastics or other synthetic materials.

Natural Products and Saving Money

While many synthetic materials may result in lower purchase prices than sustainable living products, natural substances can also save you money over the longer term. Here is a graphic example of the wonderful use of a classic natural product that is safer for you and also saves you money.

You’re certainly aware that properly insulating your home makes it more comfortable and lowers energy consumption and monthly bills. However, classic fiberglass insulation, while not terribly harmful, cannot match newer to market cotton insulation, which is just as effective, totally natural and can save you even more dollars.

Natural cotton fiber insulation typically contains over 80 percent recycled natural material and meets the highest testing standards for fire and smoke retardation, insulating ability (called R ratings), and sustainable living. This insulation product makes both homeowners and the environment quite happy.

Devoid of chemical components, this natural product requires neither graphic warning labels nor other cautions, even when handling the material, unlike fiberglass. Cotton also has wonderful sound absorbing qualities, which makes for a quieter, more peaceful home. Cotton is so effective that you will enjoy equal or greater energy conservation results than with fiberglass or synthetic “blown in” insulation products.

Recent increased use of wood, bamboo, leather and cotton for furniture and other household décor items means safer products with longer useful lives. These environmentally friendly features will also save you money over the long term.

Recycled natural products can be an equally effective safe and secure option. Naturally occurring substances can typically be used again and again. From building materials to furniture to everyday items, recycled natural products are eco-friendly and cost effective alternatives to more pricey synthetic items. For example, carpeting, hardwood floors, cotton furniture coverings, and formerly-used building supplies are popular options for recycled material that are attractive, long lasting, and budget friendly. Consider these products for your home regardless of your budget restrictions.



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