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World Kindness Day Challenge

November 12, 2014

Ten ways to show kindness to othersThe word “kind” is defined by the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others; wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others.”

World Kindness Day is November 13. On this day, Gerber Life would like to challenge all of us to show a desire to inspire and do good things for others by choosing one of the following 10 ways to show kindness. Should you join in accepting our challenge, let us know how on our Facebook thread.


1. Genuinely compliment at least three people.

Woman Complimenting Co-worker











2. Send a sincere, handwritten note to someone.

Woman Writing Letter











3. Smile to and greet at least two strangers.

Man Greeting Strangers









4. Pick up trash, and encourage others to join you.

Volunteers Picking Up Trash








5. Place encouraging notes in public places,
such as grocery store check-out lines, in library books, on restroom mirrors, or on a co-worker’s desk.

Woman Writing Encouraging Note












6. Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity, both online and offline.

Woman Writing Inspiring Blog Post












7. Hold or post motivational signs.

Kids Creating Motivational Posters









8. Show genuine gratitude to people who provide a service to you, such as a waiter, bus driver, superintendent, teacher, or school-crossing guard.

Woman Being Served Tea












9. Give flowers to a friend.

Young Girl Holding Daisy












10. Call, text and/or email five random people in your contact list with words of affirmation (Examples: You are a fantastic ________; I appreciate it when you ______; I love you because _____, etc.).

Woman Texting Friend









On World Kindness Day and every day, let’s all remember that small acts of kindness can make a very large difference in another person’s world. We can’t wait to see how you show kindness to the people in your life!


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