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Reminiscing: Six Least-Favorite Halloween Treats from Childhood

October 29, 2015

Children checking out candy from trick-or-treatingDo you remember the excitement of Halloween as a child and going trick-or-treating? Just as exciting (or arguably more exciting) was returning home and checking out the candy you collected. A typical scenario: You dumped your Halloween haul on the dining room table and were surprised to find…an eraser? Although probably well-intentioned, your youthful mind likely thought it was a trick of some sort.

Join us for a stroll down memory lane as we reminisce about our least-favorite Halloween treats that we received as a child:


  1. Pencils and erasers – Although this “treat” was practical, the last thing that many kids wanted was school supplies. Besides, the cute “pumpkin” erasers ended up smearing the lead instead of doing its job to erase.

  3. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss – Sugar can cause cavities, but receiving any of those items was a killjoy. We might as well have gone trick-or-treating at the dentist.

  5. Coupons – Unless it was a coupon for free candy, this was more of a treat for our parents than for us.

  7. Spider rings – For some reason, spider rings never seemed to fit, regardless of the size of your finger. Unless you kept your ring in a safe place to use on future Halloweens, its shelf life was a couple hours at most.

  9. Whatever people found in their pantry that wasn’t candy – As a child, it seemed unfathomable that someone could forget to buy or run out of Halloween candy. The nerve!

  11. Pennies – At one time, receiving pennies wasn’t that terrible, such as when a pack of gum cost five cents. Ongoing exception: Receiving donations of pennies and other coins for UNICEF, deposited in the orange UNICEF carton.

Do you have a least-favorite Halloween treat to add to our list? If so, share them with us on our Facebook page.

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