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Life Insurance 101

Adult Life Insurance 101

Learn how adult life insurance policies can help protect your family’s financial future.
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Types of Life Insurance

All life insurance policies are not created equal. Understand how the different types of life insurance work.
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Three Reasons You May Not Have Thought of for Buying Whole Life Insurance

Many people choose to wait to purchase whole life insurance after a big life event. These three reasons help explain why you should consider Gerber Life Whole Life Insurance today.
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Designating a Beneficiary

What is a life insurance Beneficiary and how do you designate one? Read on to learn more about this crucial step in buying a policy.
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Coverage for Expectant Parents

Life insurance can help to financially protect a future baby. Find answers to common questions about life insurance while pregnant.
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What is AD&D Insurance?

AD&D insurance, short for Accidental Death and Dismemberment, is also known as accident insurance. Read on to see if it’s a good supplement to your life insurance policy.
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Why Go with Whole Life Insurance?

Not sure if whole life insurance is right for you? Here are the top five benefits of whole life insurance for you to consider.
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Term Life Insurance 101: Take Control of Your Family’s Financial Health

Financial health is more than just your personal savings. You also need to consider your family’s financial health. Gerber Life Term Life insurance makes it easy for you to put a family financial plan into action.
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More Ways To Use Life Insurance In Your Later Years

Life insurance with Gerber can do more than just cover your final expenses. Here are three ways you can use your life insurance policy that you probably never thought of.
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What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Protecting your family shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s break down the benefits of a Permanent Life insurance plan.
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Questions About Life Insurance

Considering life insurance? Make sure to get answers to these important questions before you buy a policy.
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Quick Facts About Guaranteed Life Insurance

The Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan is a great way to protect your family and build cash value with no health questions and no medical exam.
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What is a Life Insurance Premium?

When you’re considering life insurance, you don’t want any confusion. If you’re wondering, “What is a premium in insurance?” we’ve outlined what the term means here.
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What is Term Life Insurance?

If you’ve been researching financial protection for your family, you’re probably wondering what term life insurance is all about. We’ve got the answers here!
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Why Grandparents Should Consider Life Insurance

Here are just a few reasons why Guaranteed Life Insurance is perfect for grandparents.
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Plans for Stay-at-Home Parents

The responsibilities in running a household shouldn’t be discounted when determining life insurance for stay-at-home parents.
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Whole Life vs Universal Life

Whole Life and Variable Universal Life are popular types of permanent life insurance with both offering long-term financial protection. But which one is better?
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Why You Need Accident Protection

If you’re young and unmarried, Accident Protection insurance is an affordable way to financially safeguard the people you care about.
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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

There are many reasons why having some kind of family life insurance coverage is a good idea. We provide the details so that you can make the decision.
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Give Yourself More Financial Options

Did you know that whole life insurance policies include features that can protect your financial life in other ways?
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What Kind of Policy Do I Need?

It’s important to understand the difference between Whole Life and Term Life insurance when planning for your family's future. Each type brings something different to the table.
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When To Buy Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? These life stages indicate when it can be the right time to buy.
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Think You're Too Old for Life Insurance?

Guaranteed acceptance and no medical exam. See how you can provide for your family today!
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Which Type of Life Insurance is Right for You?

When it comes to your family's future, here are three reasons why Whole Life is the smart choice.
Separating myths from facts about life insurance

Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Gerber Life sets the record straight about five common myths about life insurance.
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Why Do Seniors Need Life Insurance?

If you feel any uncertainty about you or your family’s financial future or your estate, you should seriously consider having life insurance.
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Do I Need a Medical Exam?

Learn why some life insurance policies require a medical exam for approval and others don’t.
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Life Insurance for Singles

Unmarried? You might still need life insurance. Here are some of the reasons why.
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How Does Guaranteed Life Compare?

Over 50? See how Guaranteed Life insurance stacks up against other types of insurance.
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Accident Protection vs. Life Insurance

Did you know Accident Protection can also act like a life insurance policy? Get the details to make the best decision for you and yours.
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Cover All Your Bases with Accident Protection

Learn how Accident Protection can add an extra level of protection to your existing life insurance policy.
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Can you get Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions?

You may have heard that if you have a pre-existing medical condition, life insurance is out of the question. The reality is that even if you have a health issue, it still can be possible to get a policy.
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4 Things to Know About Accident Protection Insurance

Terrible accidents can happen, which is why it’s important to protect your family against the unthinkable. Accident Protection Insurance, also known as Accidental Death and Dismemberment, can help cover your medical bills, funeral expenses and more.
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Adulting 101: Term Life Insurance

Wondering how to “adult” in the real world and have a financial plan for the future? Learn why Gerber Life Term Life Insurance should be a part of your overall financial plan.
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Getting the Most out of Whole Life Insurance

See why young people have an edge when it comes to getting the most out of whole life insurance.
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How to Buy Life Insurance

There are many decisions to make when thinking of buying life insurance. Follow this step-by-step how-to guide.
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What is “Cash Value” and How Does It Work?

If you have questions about cash value and whole life insurance, we have the answers here.
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How Does Life Insurance Affect Taxes?

Understanding life insurance and taxes doesn’t have to be a headache. Get what need to know!
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Life Insurance Through Work May Not Be Enough

Employer life insurance, also known as group life insurance or supplemental life insurance, may be part of your benefits package but it offers only a fraction of what you actually might need.
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Ins and Outs of Accident Protection Insurance

Life insurance is great protection to have, but it won’t cover everything. That’s where Accident Protection (AD&D) comes in. Learn the ins and outs of AD&D here.
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Why Term Life? It’s Flexible and Affordable!

Term life coverage is a great option for anyone searching for an affordable and flexible life insurance policy. Check out these top three benefits.
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Life Insurance for Millennials

Most Millennials recommend life insurance, according to studies. Read on to find out why they care — and why you should, too.
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No Kids? Ask These Questions

If you don’t have children, you may wonder if you still need life insurance. To determine the answer, ask yourself these questions.
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The Cash Value Benefit of Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance comes with a dandy feature: cash value. Learn how it can grow over time and how you could benefit.
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How Does Life Insurance Fit into My Retirement Plan?

Life insurance from Gerber Life can play an important role in developing greater financial security for retirement, such as replacing a spouse’s lost income or giving you access to money if you need it.
Budget areas for a family

Budgeting for Life Insurance

There’s a lot to think about when budgeting for a family. Find out how you can make room for life insurance in a tight budget.
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So How Long Do I Need Insurance For?

With term life insurance, you have the flexibility of choosing how long your coverage will last.
How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?: man using a calculator

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

This article can help you decide how much life insurance your family needs.
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4 Reasons to Convert Term Life to Whole Life

One of the easiest ways to expand your coverage as you get older is to convert your term life policy to whole life. Check out these three reasons you should make the switch.